Episode 85 - Marketing to Teens: Capturing the Elusive Generation Z with Kate Tilton

In this episode of our podcast, we interview book marketing expert Kate Tilton on how to reach the elusive teen market. Generation Z (teen) readers are those born after 1993.

I know many of you write YA and you know authors that do as well. Please share this with them. I had a lot of fun with Kate talking about teens and my experiences. She’s always a fun guest with lots of wisdom to share. 

Show Notes & Links:

  1. Why Generation Z would buy Pepsi even when they believe Coke tastes better.
  2. Why teens need to believe in the brands (authors) they follow.
  3. Reasons why Generation Z flocks to YouTube (the Four Essential Freedoms from YouTube).
  4. Why Instagram photos need to be visually engaging first, message second.
  5. Why the social part of social media is most important to teens.
  6. Three tips to capture teen loyalty.
  7. Tips on marketing to the YA crossover audience (adults that read YA).
  8. How to overcome the content challenge of Instagram.
  9. How Booktubers influence the YA market.
  10. The fastest way to turn off a teen audience: try to talk like a teen.

Links (click ’em, they’re live):

Connect With Kate:

Instagram: k8tilton

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/K8Tilton/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/K8Tilton

Website: https://katetilton.com/author-services/

SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook Group (you’ll have to answer 3 questions to get in)

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