Episode 90 - Crisis Management For Authors Part 2 - How to Know When to Take Action

This week we’re finishing up our two-episode series on crisis management for authors and I’m excited about this one. We’re going to learn when we should take action on something that happens and when we should just ignore. Also, we’ll talk about how to separate fact from fiction–it’s a pretty big deal in knowing what to do next.

Show Notes & Links:

-Short review of crisis management threat levels from last week’s podcast.

-How to separate fact from fiction when determining your response.

-Why you need to remove your emotions from the picture before deciding on any action plan.

-How to know when you’re over your head and need help.

-How you can help a fellow author in a crisis without blasting on social media.

-More on the life of an online swam.

-Why weighing in on social media can make a crisis worse.

Links – Click ’em, they’re live

Pre-order discount for Chris’ new book. Discount goes away on June 7

Link to the part one episode of Crisis Management For Authors.

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