Episode 92 - How to Take Your Readers From Strangers to Superfans

Even though I missed out on co-hosting this week’s podcast, it is one of my favorites. Chris got to interview David Gaughran about his new book Strangers To Superfans. Please listen and share with your author friends. This stuff will change the way you do your book marketing.  In the show Chris calls this “possibly the best book marketing book ever,” a must-read for authors at every level.

Links & Show Notes

-Why it’s important for authors to understand the “reader’s journey” and how that knowledge informs the marketing process.

-Why the “Discovery” piece of the journey is the “easiest problem to solve and also the easiest to screw-up.”

-Why authors need to understand the role that data plays in making marketing decisions.

-Why most authors look at marketing their backlist backwards and how to fix it.

-Why a smaller, more engaged mailing list is better than a huge disinterested one.

-Why you need to pay attention to the production details of your book first: quality of writing, cover, blurb, keywords.

Links – Click ’em, they’re live

Link to David Gaughran’s new book, Strangers to Superfans. 

Link to sign up for his regular newsletter and receive a free copy of his book, Amazon Decoded.


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