Episode 94 - How to Do Simple Audience Research to Find Your Readers

This week Chris takes over the podcast to give us all some quick tips on how to do basic audience research to find our readers. I like the fact that the advice is simple–I don’t have to be a research scientist to find my readers. Hope you enjoy!

Links & Show Notes:

-Why you don’t need to cast a wide net, just the right net.

-Who is your proprietary audience and how to find them.

-Why you don’t have to be a research scientist to gather effective audience research.

-3 kinds of data you should be collecting.

-Why you might want to invest in high quality research.

-Simple ways to survey your readers.

– Four types of research you need to gather with reader surveys.

-Why you should consider spying on your fellow authors.

-Caution: don’t get carried away–gather only what you need and no more.

Explanation of how to find your Facebook Insights on your business page: You need a Facebook business page to see Insights, it is not a service Facebook offers for personal profiles. Go to your business page and click on Insights at the top of your page. Go to the People tab on the left side of the page. There are three tabs on this page and each tab has some different data. You can also look at content data on your Posts tab.

Links: They’re live, just click ’em

Pew Internet social media data page link.

-Links to HubSpot data, Buffer data, and eMarketer data

Check out info on K-Lytics data genre reports

SurveyMonkey link

Chris’ updated free class, Quick Tips to Sell More Books on Facebook

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