Episode 46 - The Forgotten Essentials That Sell More Books

In today’s episode author and entrepreneur Bryan Cohen reveals his Selling Trilogy–the forgotten essentials that sell more books.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why good copywriting mean sells more books (and the data to prove it!)

-Good copywriting starts with a hook that leads people to read the next line.

-The characteristics of a good hook.

-Should authors be using review snippets in their books descriptions?

-How to get people into your book sales funnel so they ultimately became raving fans.

-Bryan shares his ideal email welcoming sequence that turns new subscribers into loyal and engaged readers.

-Why you should edit your marketing like you edit your book.

A personal message from Bryan:

It’s unlikely that one trick is going to make all the difference for your author career.

But when you’re set up with a strong foundation, you increase the chances you’ll earn more money in the long-term.

As a bestselling author, I recently passed half a million downloads of my own books and I’ve helped hundreds of other authors spin their own success stories.

By helping them nail the “forgotten essentials of selling more books,” I’ve contributed to authors making the USA Today bestseller list, hitting the Top 100 on Amazon, and selling thousands of books. I can help you too.

Join me on Tuesday, May 16th at 3pm Eastern for a free webinar.

Click the link below to be a part of the event!


I hope to see you there!

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