Episode 48 - The Only 3 Marketing Goals Every Author Needs

In this episode Chris and Becca talk about the three marketing goals that every author needs, and how goals will help your marketing plan succeed. 

three marketing goalsShow Notes & Links:

-Why do authors need marketing goals, anyway?

-How to get new readers to discover your books?

-Why authors tend to skip discovery marketing and just concentrate on sales

-The three main components authors need to sell books.

-How does building fan loyalty help you sell more books?


-Preorder Chris’ new book, The Newbie’s Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing for just 99 cents until June 9. The books includes a free online course. Get your copy here. 

Link to the podcast on author platform levels.

-A review of the 80-20 Content Rule: 80% of posts must give value, 20% can be used to sell

Bryan Cohen’s podcast on how to put together an email welcome sequence

Roni Loren’s podcast on fan loyalty

Join the SMART Marketing for Authors Facebook Group

-Miracle Morning Facebook Group

How to leave a review on iTunes

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