Episode 49 - Is the Email Newsletter Dead?

In this episode Chris and Becca tackle one of the biggest email marketing questions: is the email newsletter dead?

Show Notes & Links


-What are the four email options for your email marketing strategy?

-Four goals that every author needs for their email marketing plan.

-Why an email newsletter might not be for you.

-Tips on how to improve your open rates.

-Why you need to make sure links “open in a new window.”

-The four fundamentals newsletters need.

-Is it okay to sell in a newsletter?

-Why your newsletter needs to provide more value than you ask for in return. Use the 80-20 Content Rule.


Our earlier podcast on email strategy

Tips for writing good subject lines (HubSpot)

14 Powerful tactics to improve your click through rates (AWeber)

Bryan Cohen podcast on funnels and email welcome sequences

Get a pdf of all the tips, goals, and strategies from today’s episode. 

Links to author newsletters that we like:

Roni Loren

Lynn Raye Harris


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