Episode 50 - Setting Up Pinterest As An Outpost Channel

In this episode Chris teaches a how-to episode by walking listeners through the process of setting up a Pinterest outpost channel.

episode 50

Show Notes & Links:

-The two kinds of social media channels in book marketing: primary (engaging & selling) and outposts (redirect to primary for engagement and highlight short term campaigns). 

-What is Pinterest and who is using it?

-The three ways to pin something on a Pinterest board.

-Remember, Pinterest isn’t for everyone. If you don’t want to use it, that’s okay. It’s definitely in the outpost category for the majority of authors. 

-What are pins, boards, and secret boards?

-Why Pinterest might be a good place to house your book research.

-The difference between a personal Pinterest account and Pinterest for business. Why you probably don’t need a business page for an outpost.

-How to set up Pinterest as an outpost:

  • The first three steps
  • The basic boards you need
  • What to put in your profile bio

Last word: if you’re not on Pinterest, you don’t have to start. If you are there, consider it setting up as an outpost to limit the amount of time you have to spend there.


-Chris’ book Sell More Books With Less Social Media on Amazon (hint: it will be on sale on June 16 for 99 cents only. Make sure you follow Chris on Twitter @cksyme to get the link!)

How to get the Pin It button for your web browser

Pinterest for Business blog

Blog post from League Computers: The differences between Pinterest business accounts and Pinterest personal accounts.

My Pinterest business page

How to set up a Pinterest Showcase feature for your business page.

Here are some examples of authors who do a good job of using Pinterest with a mix of pins about their books and what interests them.

Link to Sandra Brown’s Pinterest page And yes, I don’t imagine she does this herself. 

Jodi Vaughn’s Pinterest page

Becca Syme Pinterest page

Good example of Pinterest as an outpost from H. Y. Hanna

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