Episode 51 - How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Build an Email List

In today’s episode Chris interviews Rebecca Pollard, Digital Marketing Manager from AWeber, on the process and how-to’s of using Facebook ads to grow your email list. 

Show Notes & Links:

Definitions you’ll need for the podcast (we got a little nerdy at times)

CTA – call-to-action. This is the button, link, or text phrase that asks people to take an action on your content

Lead – another term for contact information of a prospective reader, whether it is a name, address, email, or phone number.

Facebook pixel – line of HTML code that is embedded on your website or landing page that allows Facebook to collect people data when they arrive on that page. The pixel information is in Ads Manager. If you are new to the Facebook Pixel, read this information in Facebook’s help center first:https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1058078787600162?helpref=faq_content#install

Retargeting: This is a method of sending ads or emails to a group of people that did not take an action on a first sales ad or email you sent them.

Persona – a term marketers use to define a target audience. It is the collection of data about your audience – demographics, etc. After you gather this data, you can make up a “person” or persona that is a sum of all the data you’ve collected about your ideal audience.

Email integration: the process of connecting your email account (AWeber, MailChimp, etc) with your Facebook page through an app that allows you to gather email addresses directly on your Facebook business page.

In This Episode:

-What is the Facebook pixel and why is it important when finding a target audience for your Facebook ads?

-Why you should have other sources of gathering email addresses besides just Facebook ads.

-Some of the pros and cons of using Interest Targeting in your Facebook ads.

-What is the ideal number of people in an audience for a Facebook ad?

-What is a lookalike audience and how do you create one?

The Bryan Cohen podcast link on email follow-up sequences.

Rebecca’s post on Aweber’s blog on the types of targeting that work best for Facebook ads to build an email list.

-Rebecca’s contact information:  rebeccap@aweber.com

Learn about AWeber here

-How to leave a review of the podcast on iTunes: http://theauthorbiz.com/how-to-leave-a-podcast-review-at-itunes/

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