Episode 57 - How to Sell Your Books Online Without Feeling Sleazy

In this episode, Chris and Becca start a mini series on how to sell books online. Using questions they’ve received from authors, they’ll start this week with giving you their secret formula for selling books online without feeling sleazy. It’s not what you think!

Show Notes & Links:

What you’ll learn:

-The golden rule of selling books online.

-Why authors don’t need to guess about how to best sell books online.

-Why do people buy? The six research-based psychological triggers.

-The difference between leading people to buy and telling them to buy.

-What is reciprocity and how does it sell books?

-Three ways to conduct reader research.

-How the 80-20 Content Rule helps you sell more books.


Link to Robert Cialdini’s book, InfluenceClick here.

-Link to Mark Dawson’s master class podcast on reader surveys. Click here.

-Link to worksheet on brainstorming your own Content Code, and the Social Media Content Cheat Sheet. Click here.

-Link to Chris’ new online course, How to Set Up a Facebook Page That Sells More BooksGet more info here.

-Link to Becca’s cozy mystery, Vangie Vale And The Murdered Macaron. Click here.

-Link to preorder for Becca’s second cozy mystery, Vangie Vale And The Corpseless CustardClick here.

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