Episode 66 - Joanna Penn on the Business of Becoming a Full-Time Author

In this episode Chris and Becca interview successful author-entrepreneur Joanna Penn about the keys to her success and advice for other authors who want to make a full-time living publishing their books.

Show Notes & Links

-Hear Joanna’s story and how she pulled the plug on a successful corporate career to pursue building her own author business.

-What is the definition of an entrepreneur?

-Why being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone.

– The difference between a marketing strategy and a distribution strategy.

-What does it mean to distribute your books “wide” and what are the advantages? Who might not want to go wide.

-Why is pricing your book an important element of selling globally?

-Joanna shares her Bookbub Featured Deal short cut.

-Why it’s important to know the global market and what readers in other countries prefer.

-Why strategy has to do with what you don’t know just as much as what you do know.

Joanna talks about her new book, The Healthy Writer, written with Dr. Euan Lawson.

Links (just click ’em)

Joanna’s book, Career Change.

Joanna’s new book, The Healthy Writer¬†

Link to Joanna’s website, The Creative Penn

Link to Joanna’s J.F. Penn fiction author page

Link to The Creative Penn podcast 

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