Episode 54 - How to Get the Most Out of Summer Writer Conferences

In this episode, Chris and Becca talk about what to do before, during, and after summer writer conferences to get the best overall experience. Lot of tips for newbies and seasoned conference goers.

Show Notes:

-What you need to do before you even pack your suitcase. Get organized for maximum conference enjoyment!

-Why the conference hotel bar is probably the best place to network.

-How to decide which sessions to take in.

-How to get the most out of trade shows.

-The process of pitching a book at a writer’s conference.

-How to recover from FOMO fatigue after you get home.

-The pros and cons of “reader” conferences.

Be sure and add your tips and conference suggestions to the comments below. Let’s get this party started!


How to pack for a conference like a ninja: A video from author Erin Knightley

Connect with Becca on Twitter: https://twitter.com/beck_a_tron

Chris’ new book The Newbie’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing (includes a free online course on how to put together a master marketing plan you can really use)

How to leave a review of the podcast on iTunes (from our friend Stephen Campbell, host of The Author Biz podcast).

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