Learn how to be a Newsletter Ninja

If you’ve been struggling with your email newsletter or email marketing in general, this podcast will be a HUGE help. Yes, I did put that in caps for a reason.

Tammi Labrecque wrote a fantastic book called Newsletter Ninja and we got her on the podcast to flesh out exactly what that means. You’ll want to take notes…and share.

Let me know what you think. 

In this episode Chris interviews Tammi Labrecque, author of Newsletter Ninja on how to make email marketing your go-to weapon for reader engagement.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why email is the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal.

-The podcast epiphany: Why you are not selling what you think you are.

-Using your email list for just selling your books? Why you’re doing it all wrong.

– Why building your email list backwards is the best thing to do.

-How to help your readers make sure they are seeing your emails (deliverability tips).

-Why being transparent is important to your readers.

-How many David Gaughran mentions were in this podcast? Be sure and leave your comments or questions below. We want to hear from you!

Link to Tammi’s book, Newsletter Ninja. Buy it now.

More information about Tammi’s online class. 

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