Episode 59 - Top 10 Tips to Sell More Books on Facebook

In this episode you’ll get 10 terrific tips to sell more books on Facebook. You’ll wanna take notes.

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Show Notes & Links

-We review the “Golden Rule of Selling On Social Media” and why you can’t overlook it.

-Why Facebook is the best social media channel for selling your books.

-Learn the time commitment for getting maximum engagement on the three top social media channels.

-Why you need to know what the self life is of a post on every social media channel.

-How does Facebook rank in effectiveness to sell against the other social media channels?

-Smarty Pants Book Marketing news this week.


Link to episode 57 and 58 for review

How often do you have to post on each social media channel for maximum engagement?  This graphic has some Coschedule advertising on it that you can ignore. 

The Sales Funnel graphic and AOL Platforms research

Ways to use pinned posts to sell more books

Canva tutorials on how to put together images that attract attention

Copywriting resources I recommend:

Info & sign-up for Chris’ new online course, How to Set Up a Facebook Page That Sells More Books

The Newbie’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing

Be sure and go to the podcast page at cksyme.com/episode59 and let us know what your biggest book marketing challenge is and what topics you’d like us to cover in future how-to shows.

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