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A New View From Here

It's Monday, so it's "View From Here" time at That means I try to dig in to what's going on in my writing life, at my writing desk, etc. Well, a couple Mondays ago, a friend of mine posted this on his web page. Five Things Super Successful People Do Before 8am. It's a Forbes article on the habits [...]

Have a Life Already

Since June, I've been trying every day to make the full-time writer thing work. Some of it has been uphill (manuscripts to finish, manuscripts to edit, classes to teach, authors to coach) and some of it has been downhill (social media, chapter leadership, conferences). But regardless of how easy or difficult it's been, it's been a great journey. I've done [...]

Signing Books and Hearing Reviews

Saturday was my very first book-signing event. We'd held a release party at my house in January, so I had a little experience having to talk about my book, but it was in the comfort of my own home, and not really open to the public. The Country Bookshelf, where the event was held, is a local bookstore, owned by [...]

The View From Here: Sprinting

As part of Project: Re-Brand, the early-week post here at will be called "The View From Here" and will mostly be about my writing life and what's going on at my desk. This week, because I've just completed a particularly interesting project, I'm going to talk about sprinting. Not running. Sprinting, to writers, means something very different than it [...]