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Need To Read

There’s a consensus among writers that we should not only be voracious writers (to… y’know, get those books done), but we should also be voracious readers. I learned that the hard way, last year.

I used to review books regularly. It wasn’t unusual for me to read over 300 books in a year. But when I started writing to deadline, I went down in that number. Significantly. I think I maybe read 30 books last year. So that’s one of my goals for this year. I’ve even broken it down into quarterly goals and weekly goals, and I’ve been specific and strategic about which books I want to read.

Granted, I’ve also broken down most of my life into strategic steps lately. Part of the Margie Lawson Self-Defeating Behaviors Workshop. Setting reachable goals and breaking them down into manageable steps. It’s been great for my productivity.

shutterstock_62861038But here’s what I feel like I need to read this year.

First, I’d like to read at least four chef’s biographies. Right now, I’m working on Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. On my list, additionally, are Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort, Jacques Pepin’s The Apprentice, and a re-read of Ruth Reichl’s Garlic & Sapphires. Also, there are a couple of cookbooks coming out that I’d like to review, including Alex Guarnaschelli’s new cookbook.

Additionally, I want to get through my list of RITA awards for this year. I’m hoping to read all of the historical books that are up for Inspy RITA’s this year, plus all of the YA RITA’s. I’ve already read Jennifer Delamere’s An Heiress At Heart. But there are something like twelve books right there to get through.

For professional purposes, I have to read three or four books on Communications, Social Media, and Marketing. Just to keep up with current trends. Plus, there’s the random non-fiction book that I’ll pick up at because it’s an interesting topic.

Then, there are the serial books I’ve been reading, and not getting through. The Love Inspired series, the Presents series. Books by favorite authors. Most of which are already released. If people would slow down so I could keep up, I would be incredibly grateful.

What about you? What kinds of books are you looking to read this year? What books are next on your to-read list?