August Write Better-Faster Class Now Open

For all my author friends: The August edition of Write Better-Faster is now open for registration. Here's a little bit about the online class: Do you want to write faster?  Are you stuck or stalled in your process? Stuck in a book? Can't plot? Are you frustrated with your lack of productivity? Have you been trying other strategies, which never [...]

Episode 71: What Pronoun's Demise Means For Authors

In this episode Chris and Anne Janzer talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with the failure of Pronoun. Show Notes & Links: -If you were using Pronoun to distribute your books, what does the aftermath look like for you? What are your options? -Why the loss of Pronoun reveals a bigger challenge for all indie authors. -Why using [...]

The New Vangie Vale Mystery is Finally Here!

I love new books. The excitement of sharing a story you’ve been working on for many months is a double-edged sword. You love it and you are hoping your readers will love it as well. I wanted you all to know that the next Vangie Vale mystery is now available on Amazon. Vangie Vale And The Strangled Strudel features a [...]

Firefighters Are Not Sexy

I was having a conversation with a writer friend, when she said, "I don't care what anyone says... firefighters are NOT sexy." I will admit to being a little flabbergasted, because I felt like any profession where heroism was the norm would be considered a "sexy" profession. But it turns out, her family is full of firefighters. Not her husband, [...]

The Problem With Setting Goals

I've been working through a couple of goal-setting books in the last couple of weeks. I won't name either one of them, because there is nothing magic about the particular goal-setting book you use. They're all mostly the same. They all encourage you to set goals (six, ten, fifteen, whatever number) and then ask you to break down those goals [...]