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#ListifyLife Words I Always Spell Wrong

SONY DSCIt’s that time again… #ListifyLife time. This week, we’re talking about words we always spell wrong. I had to go to the spell-check to make sure they were right this time… 🙂

  1. Exercise (Excercise)
  2. Ceiling (Cieling)
  3. Carabiner (Caribeener)
  4. Playwright (Playwrite)
  5. Calendar (Calander)
  6. Independence (Independance)
  7. Camaraderie (Cameraderie)

UGH. Just writing those words out gives me hives. I have inherited that “must be right at all times” gene from… well, somewhere… and I don’t even spell things wrong in my notes to myself. I hate mis-spelling. But for some reason, I just can’t figure out how to remember these seven words.

What about you? Do you have words that you consistently spell wrong?