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Firefighters Are Not Sexy

I was having a conversation with a writer friend, when she said, “I don’t care what anyone says… firefighters are NOT sexy.”

I will admit to being a little flabbergasted, because I felt like any profession where heroism was the norm would be considered a “sexy” profession. But it turns out, her family is full of firefighters. Not her husband, though. Her brothers and her father, her uncles and cousins. She’s got a family full of firefighters. To her, the profession is synonymous with “family”, which has a completely different emotional response.

But it got me thinking… do I have a “profession” like that? One where I had so many associations of platonic or fraternal feelings that I would consider it to be an “unsexy” profession.

And I think I do.

Pastors. Pastors are not sexy to me. At all. Possibly because I’ve been one. Possibly because I know too many who I consider to be like my brothers. And I wrote a heroine in my most recent series who’s a pastor, and I don’t write her as a sexual person at all. So I do have a firefighter equivalent. I just can’t imagine a situation where I would think pastor = sexy. 

I wonder if other people think these things…