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The Message Calendar

shutterstock_41241646A good friend of mine (who is also a marketing professional) suggested that, while I’m approaching so much about my writing career in a new, highly strategic way, I may want to consider approaching my blog with the same vision. As someone familiar with messaging, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this before. Except that, most days, I just have something to say about something random, and I just let my thoughts flow.

But this friend is right. I think it would be much easier to blog if I were much more strategic about my approach to this blog. So now that I have a pretty new design, I might as well have a pretty new message calendar.

Since this is the “Lounge” of this house, and the lounge might be used for many different things, I figured I’d try to focus down (as my friend says, “lazer focus”…) on a few specific topics. What are the most important things that I typically want to write about?


Well, I used to do book reviews, and I miss it. I learn so much from analyzing others’ books. So I think I’ll do those, at least once in awhile. That’s one day. I also need to keep up with my test kitchen, so I’ll keep posting either recipes or foodie posts, depending on what the research of the week is. Additionally, I’m still reading for my consulting business, so I’ll occasionally review non-fiction books as well.

Because I’ve set goals for myself to be learning something new (either a workshop or a new writing tool) every month, I’ll blog about that. And I also want to blog about the romance genre, itself. Specifically, I’ll try to blog about the inspirational (or edgy) romance industry, but romance in general.

So let’s see. What will that look like. Let’s set up a calendar.

Saturdays will rotate between the educational and the book review.
Sundays off (or theological topics raised in the week)
Tuesdays will be spent in the kitchen.
Thursdays, I’ll blog on romance.
Fridays, I’ll blog on the life of a writer.

That seems like a calendar I can stick to. It will give me some days off, and it will also keep me on-task, which is what messaging calendars are for. And since this should technically have been last Friday’s post, I’ll still go ahead and keep this week’s calendar.

Coming tomorrow: Thoughts on Food Reality Television