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What Is the New West Test Kitchen?

I don’t know if you remember the old community cookbooks. Every church seemed to have one. I have several stacks of them, and had been lamenting for so long that some of these recipes were just un-make-able today. And yet, the taste experience is so nostalgic for us. We grew up eating the recipes at potlucks, weddings, parties, and tables. They are our culinary DNA. But some of them need a little updating.

So each week on (Fridays, to be specific), Miss Kristy (Tistylee) and I (Beckatron) are going to tackle one recipe from our old cookbooks. We’re using mostly the Syme Smorgasboard cookbook (because it’s bigger–yes, size matters) and the Our Daily Bread cookbook from St. Joseph’s in my hometown. But I found the same recipes in cookbooks from Westby, Medicine Lake, Butte, Scobey, Livingston, Minton, Radville, Lustre, Baker, and Outlook. So they have to be common everywhere. If not the same, then similar.

We’ve picked some of our favorites, some we’ve always wanted to make, some we remembered from childhood, and some we wanted to update. Most of the weeks will include an “original” recipe version, either one that’s been passed down to us orally, or one that we found in a community cookbook. We’re hoping to do something with all of the re-make recipes, so we may end up doing a FAILED NWTK remix post once in awhile. (We’re not even through our first month of recipes, and we both have a re-make already.) We also want to hear about your memories of the food, and your opinions about the remixes and what you might have done differently. SO make sure to speak up!

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To see our first NWTK post (Indoor S’Mores), click here. Tune in for our second NWTK Post on September 13th. We’ll be doing that old classic. TATER TOT HOTDISH!

Otherwise, feel free to leave us feedback! Thanks for stopping by.

~ Becca (R.L. Syme)